save time and resources by installing an automated conveyor belt or processing line cleaning system
understanding how conveyor cleaning brushes work with dry steam vapour to remove debris and sanitise simultaneously

Effective Sanitation

Using a combination of brushes and dry steam vapour generators, our machines are effective at removing particles left over from manufacturing, pharmaceutical debris and food spills.

The end result will leave a clean surface and eliminates any risk of contaminating the next production. It also prevents disease outbreaks, by sanitising surfaces which can harbor food particles which provide nutrients for mould or fungal growth.

How Is It Done?

High temperature. Our machines produce dry steam vapour at around 180 degrees Celsius to completely eradicate bacteria. This high temperature blast of dry steam will destroy all living microbes, mould and bacteria.

Complete Extraction. It has an emulsifying effect on any embedded dirt or byproducts - allowing them to be extracted by the machine after the brushes have displaced them. Your staff will work in a cleaner environment, without risk of disease or outbreaks ruining production or contaminating ingredients.

Reduce Downtime.Efficient system will get your conveyor line ready to continue working within minutes.

Applying Steam Cleaning

Steam vapour is particularly effective in penetrating the porous surface of conveyor belts - and works well in engineering environments such as food handling areas, food preparation work areas or parts factories - where parts or components still have oil or grease residue as they travel down the line. Contaminants are effectively removed from the conveyor, leaving it clean for the next production run.

When you need to remove oil, grease, abrasive grime or sludge that builds up constantly.

When it is necessary to avoid contamination and prevent the outbreak of disease with regular production line cleaning.


  • No chemicals come into contact with your food handling surface - so product does not get contaminated;
  • Reduce the risk of virus or disease outbreaks within your production line, by operating in a clean environment;
  • No maintenance or labour costs - an efficient machine works effortlessly every time you need it to;
  • Configure the machine to clean continuously, or run a cleaning cycle at the end of a working day or shift;
  • Machines can be portable to operate throughout your plant - or set up as an attachment to your conveyor;


Cleaning is easy and effective. Simply:

  1. Ensure the conveyor is in position and attached securely, whether the unit is portable or fixed;
  2. Connect the steam generator and vacuum system of either the Jetvac or Steambox;
  3. Once the boiler is ready and steam production begins, adjust the conveyor cleaner squeegee and brush so they make contact with the belt;
  4. Run the conveyor and switch the steam and vacuum on to start cleaning. The steam will emulsify soiling, the brush will break down contaminants and the vacuum will remove them from the surface;
  5. Once the belt is clean (usually a few cycles) simply raise and turn off the conveyor cleaning system;

Your conveyor system is now clean and sanitised with minimal physical effort, little water, no chemicals and no mess.

Browse our range of steam cleaning equipment for conveyor hygiene. These dependable, Italian-made machines come with a local factory warranty and are very low maintenance. They use minimal water, because the large boiler delivers ultra-high temperature steam vapour and manages it very efficiently- so you save money from the first day.

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