save time and resources by installing an automated conveyor belt or processing line cleaning system

Removing Residue from Food Transport Conveyors

Food conveyor sanitizing is crucial in managing risk of disease outbreak. Strict rules are laid down by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand which specify the cleanliness obligations of food processing plants. In particular, Standard 3.2.3, outlined in this piece of Australian Government Legislation states that:

Food premises, fixtures fittings and equipment should be cleaned and sanitized in order to prevent:
  • exclude dirt, dust, fumes, smoke and other contaminants;
  • not permit the entry of pests; and
  • not provide harbourage for pests.

Sanitize Food Handling Surfaces With Steam

The best way of doing this is with high temperature, pressurised steam vapour. It's a pure, natural and highly effective way to remove built up food spills and completely eradicate bacteria all at once. Non-absorbent nylon bristles displace and loosen any food scraps which may have stuck to the conveyor belt- like oils, icing or sticky chocolate. Right after the brushes, comes steam vapour discharged at +160 degrees Celsius to blast away any contaminants, debris or bacteria. There's no need to put the food handling environment at risk by using chemicals or solvents- steam is nature's complete cleaner.

Low Water Consumption

A given amount of water produces 1700 times its own volume of steam- so operational cost savings will begin right from the very first use of our equipment. Completely eliminating the need for chemicals saves your company more money. The vapour is so effective at cleaning food residue, that the process happens quickly, and less time spent cleaning means less water used.

We'll Design the Perfect System

Our food handling conveyor cleaning systems cover all common widths of process belts- right up to 2 meters wide. If you have a plant with some areas that are difficult to access, our steam discharge jets can be mounted in custom built housings that maintain your process continuity. Our specialists have configured many custom installations of steam cleaning within the food processing industry and would be delighted to help you. Visit our custom quote request form and submit your details. We'll show you a better way to keep your food handling conveyors and workplace perfectly clean.

Engineering Conveyor Cleanliness

Remove oil, grease and debris from conveyors in parts factories

Maintain clean parts handling conveyors- keep foreign debris at bay. Eliminate all unwanted substances.
Package and supply clean parts.

  • Clean and degrease;
  • Clean faster, use less resources;
  • Melt grime using steam.

Steam-Clean Food Conveyors

prevent cross-contamination of food processing conveyors with steam cleaning

Sanitize food processing factory conveyor belts, to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients.
Reduce risk of spoiling products.

  • Remove food build up;
  • Thoroughly clean conveyors;
  • Clean food benches, & storage areas.

Pharmaceutical Production

pharmaceutical plants use steam pressure cleaners to sanitize conveyor belts

Clean conveyor belts used in transporting pharmaceutical products during manufacture and packaging.
Prevent disease outbreak.

  • Sanitize conveyors;
  • Vacuum dust;
  • Deep clean difficult access areas.