save time and resources by installing an automated conveyor belt or processing line cleaning system

Sanitizing Conveyors in Pharmaceutical Plants

Using high temperature pressurised steam to clean pharmaceutical transport belts makes perfect sense- and provides a superior clean. There are no chemicals introduced during the cleaning process- so there's absolutely no risk of cross-contamination with medications. Steam vapour exits the nozzles at 160 Degrees Centigrade, breaking down contaminants instantly. The high exit temperature means the steam is effectively sterlizing the belt surface- with the advantage of rendering the conveyor ready for work, within minutes.

Broken tablet fragments, powdered residue and emulsified gels from capsules are all effectively removed, using our conveyor cleaning system.

Custom Configurations

The boiler and nozzles can be configured optimally within any work environment. steam discharge heads can be custom-designed within our units, to evenly cover all standard conveyor widths, from 80cm to 210cm. Placement of our boilers and output devices can be optimised for any production line and work environment. Specialised designs and custom builds are available- our engineers can work with you to create a system that saves you time, money and labour. There is no risk to product- no compromise of line purity and no hazard to personnel. Unlike manual cleaning with isopropyl alcohol- a correctly set up and calibrated high power steam vapor system will ensure compete surface decontamination. Our system doesn't rely on people manually wiping down conveyors- so the risk of incomplete surface treatment is gone.

Complete Removal of Contaminants

Steam output is at high pressure- which means it's strong enough to blast away and completely eliminate broken pill fragments and contaminants which might stick to the conveyor line within a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. The high temperature output destroys bacteria, and makes for safer work conditions for operators. Particles or residues from damaged products are blasted away and the belt is cleaned and sanitized all in one pass. This is the best way to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination pharmaceutical transport systems and conveyors in manufacturing, before products reach the packaging area.

Engineering Conveyor Cleanliness

Remove oil, grease and debris from conveyors in parts factories

Maintain clean parts handling conveyors- keep foreign debris at bay. Eliminate all unwanted substances.
Package and supply clean parts.

  • Clean and degrease;
  • Clean faster, use less resources;
  • Melt grime using steam.

Steam-Clean Food Conveyors

prevent cross-contamination of food processing conveyors with steam cleaning

Sanitize food processing factory conveyor belts, to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients.
Reduce risk of spoiling products.

  • Remove food build up;
  • Thoroughly clean conveyors;
  • Clean food benches, & storage areas.

Pharmaceutical Production

pharmaceutical plants use steam pressure cleaners to sanitize conveyor belts

Clean conveyor belts used in transporting pharmaceutical products during manufacture and packaging.
Prevent disease outbreak.

  • Sanitize conveyors;
  • Vacuum dust;
  • Deep clean difficult access areas.