save time and resources by installing an automated conveyor belt or processing line cleaning system

Removing Contaminants from Engineering Conveyors

Conveyor systems which transport small parts used in engineering, should be cleaned to remove metal debris like filings or shavings created during manufacturing, as well as solvents and grease. Nothing does this better than high temperature, pressurised steam vapor. The discharge pressure at exit is enough to remove metal, oil and other residues which may have come from an earlier run of parts or components. The process of handling and transporting engineering parts, electrical components or mechanical inventory is notorious for leaving unwanted residue on conveyor transport belts. Our steam cleaning units effectively dissolve all persistent residue, leaving a sterile surface ready for work within minutes. This saves employee time- and completely eliminates the need to scrub down belts after a run of parts.

Custom Installations Are Our Specialty

If your perfect configuration can't be found within our extensive range of steam cleaning machines, we can build a boiler and discharge unit to integrate with your current workflow, so you don't have to redesign or move your parts handling conveyors. The operation and principles of high temperature steam in cleaning parts conveyors is remarkably simple- yet this system remains the most effective way to get rid of contaminants permanently.

Steam exits the discharge nozzles at 160 degrees Celcius- and at high pressure. This powerful blast eradicates any solid debris, liquid and grease- resulting in a clean surface. Typical uses for our steam cleaning machines include conveyor cleaning where a range of parts are handled- for example mechanical parts which could have left oil or solvent on the transport belt- which could harm the next batch of parts. Oil and petrol would be detrimental to electrical components- so it makes sense to use industrial grade steam cleaning equipment to prepare the transport surface in between runs.

Engineering Conveyor Cleanliness

Remove oil, grease and debris from conveyors in parts factories

Maintain clean parts handling conveyors- keep foreign debris at bay. Eliminate all unwanted substances.
Package and supply clean parts.

  • Clean and degrease;
  • Clean faster, use less resources;
  • Melt grime using steam.

Steam-Clean Food Conveyors

prevent cross-contamination of food processing conveyors with steam cleaning

Sanitize food processing factory conveyor belts, to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients.
Reduce risk of spoiling products.

  • Remove food build up;
  • Thoroughly clean conveyors;
  • Clean food benches, & storage areas.

Pharmaceutical Production

pharmaceutical plants use steam pressure cleaners to sanitize conveyor belts

Clean conveyor belts used in transporting pharmaceutical products during manufacture and packaging.
Prevent disease outbreak.

  • Sanitize conveyors;
  • Vacuum dust;
  • Deep clean difficult access areas.