Practical Uses of Steam for Hygiene of Conveyor Belts

Our Conveyor Belt Cleaning system can be used in a variety of uses and applications within food industry, engineering plants, pharmaceutical factories and medical plants. Our belt sanitising system is completely chemical-free process as it utilises the high temperature steam vapour which is capable of destroying bacteria at minimum 160 degrees Celsius in temperature.

High temperature, pressurised steam conveyor belt cleaning system can be either automated in attachment on the top of conveyor belts or continuously ran in conjuction with existing portable machine such as Jetvac Major.

Engineering Conveyor Cleanliness

Remove oil, grease and debris from conveyors in parts factories

Maintain clean parts handling conveyors- keep foreign debris at bay. Eliminate all unwanted substances.
Package and supply clean parts.

  • Clean and degrease;
  • Clean faster, use less resources;
  • Melt grime using steam.

Steam-Clean Food Conveyors

prevent cross-contamination of food processing conveyors with steam cleaning

Sanitize food processing factory conveyor belts, to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients.
Reduce risk of spoiling products.

  • Remove food build up;
  • Thoroughly clean conveyors;
  • Clean food benches, & storage areas.

Pharmaceutical Production

pharmaceutical plants use steam pressure cleaners to sanitize conveyor belts

Clean conveyor belts used in transporting pharmaceutical products during manufacture and packaging.
Prevent disease outbreak.

  • Sanitize conveyors;
  • Vacuum dust;
  • Deep clean difficult access areas.

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