Steambox Vac Pro

The Steambox Vac Pro is a heavy duty steam and vacuum machine.

The Steambox Vac Pro contains stainless steel chassis and body, watertight IPX5 certification, continuous steam flow and high capacit tanks for boiler and water content.

The Steambox Vac range can be directly connected to water supply or filled manually for portable high pressure steam generator. This machine is also available in either 6 bar or 10 bar models, as well as can be configured as a single phase or three phase to provide the powerful cleaning results in the harshest conditions with less water volume.

Size/Operation: Steam conveyor cleaning Power Source: 240 volts/50Hz


Power supply; frequency 240v; 50Hz
Cleaning width 300 - 600mm
Temperature max. 135 ˚C
Brush options 4
Brush direction Forward / reverse
Tray options 2
Steam supply Integral
Lifting mechanism no
Portable/fixed options yes
Weight 65 kg


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