Steam Pressure

The Steam Pressure machine is the most powerful, portable dry vapour steam cleaner in the market catered for heavy-duty industrial cleaning applications.

With the power of +180 degrees Celsius superheated dry steam vapour with low 5% water content and up to 100 degrees Celsius hot water blasting at 150 bar pressure, the Steam Pressure machine is ideal for deep cleaning stubborn stained surfaces and degrease industrial rusty hard surfaces within seconds. As it utilises the steam vapour as natural agent there is no scrubbing or chemicals involved in the process.

The Steam Pressure is extremely versatile for many different applications such as blasting away hard metal stains and dusts in engineering environment, deep clean and restore small components of conveyor belt system parts, disinfecting bottling lines, and degrease the grimes in the production cleaning equipment or machinery for food industry.

Steam Pressure cleaner equipment

With the power of + 180 degrees Celsius 94% dry steam and up to 150 bar pressure,the STEAM PRESSURE can clean and degrease oily and hard surfaces in seconds.


Detergent Tank 20 Lt
Operating Pressure 10 bar
Steam Temperature 180 degrees Celsius
Water Tank 50 Lt
Boiler volume up to 14 Lt
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