Steam brush

Automatic conveyor belt cleaning unit with dry steam vapour and brush agitation to thoroughly clean and sanitise belts

The Steam Brush system consists of 4 parts: the cleaning head, underbelt tray, control panel and cleaning agent (usually steam vapour emitted from a steam cleaner machine). It can be utilised as a portable unit for downtime cleaning on different conveyor belts or permanently mounted as a CIP system on a single belt.

The Steam Brush system allows the belt to be cleaned in place within conveyor belts, which allows the belts cleaned much more quickly, and consistently, leaving the belt ready to go back to production with the minimum of delay.

Other benefits of integrating the Steam Brush system in the cleaning procedure is that it only involves low water usage, typically less than 20 litres per hour, saves on both water costs and effluent disposal.

With the vacuum extraction in connection to the steam vacuum cleaner such as Jetvac Major or Steambox Vac Pro, the belt can be vacuumed and dried quickly after deep steam cleaning process, permitting the belt to be ready for use immediately.

The combination of low water requirement and vacuum extraction makes the Steam Brush unit suitable for production facilities without built-in drainage.

Advantages of using the Steam Brush system include an improved labour utilisation, consistent and uniform cleaning regime from mechanical action.

. This unit is portable and can be connected to secondary steam vacuum machine such as Jetvac Maxi


Cleaning width 300 – 600mm
Brush Direction forward and reverse
Steam Supply Integral
Brush Options 4
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