Jetvac Major

The Jetvac Major is the powerhouse of steam vacuum cleaner in compact size, and it has vacuum drum which is measured in 14 Litre. It has massive 7,3 Litre boiler which produces 291 grams per minute of the superheated dry steam at temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. This powerful steam vac machine is available in either single 6 bar or three phase 10 bar, making it ideal as the choice of machine to power through the tough industrial cleaning conditions where there may be heavy soiled surfaces or metal dust involved. Jetvac Major is suitable for conveyor belt cleaning use inside factories as it only requires electricity and permits a very low water consumption rate in 12 litres per hour, allowing green environment friendly cleaning and chemical-free solution.


Size/Operation: Steam conveyor cleaning Power Source: 415 volts/50Hz


Power supply; frequency 415v; 50Hz
Cleaning width 300 - 2000mm
Temperature max. 135 ˚C
Brush options 4
Brush direction Forward / reverse
Tray options 2
Steam supply Portable / in house
Lifting mechanism yes
Portable/fixed options yes
Weight Variable


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