Ideal Conveyor Cleaning Products

The “Conveyor Cleaning” system is a steam cleaning device that has been developed to improve traditional conveyor belt cleaning methods through the power of continuous superheated dry steam and vacuum.

Our product range include Jetvac Major, Steambox Vac Pro, Steambox Vac Industrial, Steam Pressure, and Steam Brush.

All of our machines typically have large water tanks, high steam pressure up to 150 bar and are built in robust, strong stainless steel casing.

For portable integration to the existing pressure washer and conveyor belt cleaner component, Jetvac Major, Steambox Vac Pro and Steam Vac Industrial are suitable machines allowing quality vacuuming at the same time of deep steam cleaning belts in the contact of surfaces.

Steam Brush is ideal for permanent, fixed solution that can be attached in the top of conveyor belts, allowing continuous steam cleaning at high temperature, even while the conveyor belts are running simultaneously.

Jetvac Major

Size/Operation: Steam conveyor cleaning Power Source: 415 volts/50Hz
Steambox Vac Pro

Size/Operation: Steam conveyor cleaning Power Source: 240 volts/50Hz
Steam Pressure

With the power of + 180 degrees Celsius 94% dry steam and up to 150 bar pressure,the STEAM PRESSURE can clean and degrease oily and hard surfaces in seconds.
Steam Brush

Automatic conveyor belt cleaning unit with dry steam vapour and brush agitation to thoroughly clean and sanitise belts. This unit is portable and can be connected to secondary steam vacuum machine such as Jetvac Maxi
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