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Conveyor Cleaning has had over 30 years experience in the distribution of complete systems designed for conveyor sanitizing and production line cleaning. This has been developed through its division Duplex Cleaning Machines.

The periodic cleaning of conveyor belts has traditionally been a difficult and time consuming task that had been done by hand- making it very labor intensive and requiring the shut down of conveyor systems. This brought production to a halt- and if done after hours- called for excessive wages payments to cleaning staff.

The Conveyor Cleaning system by Tecnovap was developed to provide a more efficient, less disruptive and easier method to hygienically clean conveyors without the use of chemicals.

The Conveyor Cleaner by Tecnovap uses a combination of super-heated 94% dry steam vapor, a motorised scrubbing brush, water injection, and a wet vacuum to treat conveyor belt systems as they run.

This makes for a very efficient system, and one which is gaining popularity as companies realize the massive savings to be had. The machines run on a minimal amount of water, making them very economical and environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on being able to design unique cleaning systems which get to all those difficult access areas within a conveyor belt configuration. We guarantee to be able to save your business significant amounts of time and money, and leave you breathing easier too- with our low environmental impact conveyor cleaning systems.
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